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Epic Video Game Storefront Engages The Entire Neighborhood

Epic Video Game Storefront Engages The Entire Neighborhood

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Stores all around the globe apply different strategies to attract people to enter and shop. It is an art that is driven by technology and trends just like every other industry is doing these days. Some stores stay traditional and merely display what they have for sale and change it out as seldom as once every month. But for Kris Temmerman a more technological strategy was necessary, and with it he completely reinvented the storefront where he had his office.

Ingenuity is usually followed by great interest, and that is the least you can say about Kris’ strategy to make people interested in his services and products. So what did Kris do and what did it take for him to do it? Well, Kris decided to turn his storefront into a video game console where people passing by or even his neighbors could stand for a few minutes and play.

Not only did he want people to be able to enjoy a little bit of gaming time, but he also wanted it to be a retro experience and thus implemented a matrix of WS2812 LEDs with inset into a laser cut grid and put it behind a layer of plexiglass. This made the game to display with a retro and appealing raster effect that many people seem to enjoy.

The storefront is also equipped with a metal and MDF box with a couple of joysticks and buttons so that people can collaboratively play the games that Kris offers. If you think about it, a storefront like this is the best way to make people stop for a moment, check out what services or products you offer and even remember your store or office once they are done playing. It’s the perfect first impression and one that is sure to last for a very long time. People with shops and offices should learn from Kris and really do something truly creative with their storefronts, which is really their face to the world outside of their business. This is certainly storefront creativity at its best – Kris Temmerman’s Neuro Productions.

Kris Temmerman’s Creative Video Game Storefront

Creative Video Game Storefront

Creative Video Game Storefront

Creative Video Game Storefront

Creative Video Game Storefront

Via: [Hack A Day]

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