Concept Bracelet Purifies Air And Provides Wearer A Cleaner Atmosphere

The pollution is quite apparent in some cities around the world. It causes illness and increases the severity of what might otherwise be minor infections. The air we breathe is the source of all life, and we should really take care of it better than we currently are. Everyone knows that. Even though that is apparent, we’re still not seeing fast enough change. Maybe that is the reason behind this concept bracelet that purifies the air and creates a cleaner atmosphere for its wearer.

Coming up with a gadget that purifies air in an efficient and sustainable way is a hard task. However, it is one that many innovators are trying to crack. One of those ideas is the Hand Tree concept bracelet that takes the air around its wearer, purifies it and pushes it back out creating a cleaner environment around him or her. It’s a unique and quite inspiring concept that could very well become a reality soon.

The concept itself was developed by Alexandr Kostin and was featured in the Electrolux Design Lab competition (it ended up reaching the semi-final). This concept bracelet is basically a filter that draws in air above the wrist and pushes clean air out at the bottom, near the hand, which in turn creates a purified atmosphere around the wearer.

This concept bracelet features a changeable carbon filter, a chargeable battery and an OLED screen that displays the quality of the filter, the condition of the air filtered and of course battery power. If the wearer wants to take it up a notch, he or she even has the option of putting in a perfume or scented capsule which will make the air much more enjoyable for everyone in the vicinity. If this is realized, Kostin says it could make a huge impact on the pollution in the world. If enough of these concept bracelet purifiers are used, the air could become much cleaner in almost an instant.

Alexandr Kostin’s Hand Tree Concept Bracelet Purifier





Via: [psfk]


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