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Compact Laser 3D Scanner For 3D Printing Aficionados

Compact Laser 3D Scanner For 3D Printing Aficionados

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As 3D printing gets more popular amongst people everywhere, we’re going to start seeing new accessories become popular as well. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say that 3D printing is the way of the future. More 3D printers are introduced often, and with competition comes lower prices. Soon we should start seeing some really cheap yet advanced 3D printers made available. Additional accessories like a laser 3D scanner can sometimes be necessary as well.

In order to be able to refine, adjust and develop your 3D printed creations, you may need a laser 3D scanner. Why? Because without it, you will have no real way to actively and physically alter a product design that you have put together other than in the 3D software you are using. Doing changes and refinements within 3D software can be quite tedious and time consuming, and that’s why a laser 3D scanner is a necessity for any 3D printing aficionado.

The Photon Laser 3D Scanner is a new startup project founded by Adam Brandejs and Drew Cox. It’s an attempt to push forward 3D printing development and integrate this highly creative solution into our society faster. Their creation is quite impressive as well! Usually laser 3D scanners are quite bulky, and on top of that, in most cases, they are not even very accurate. That is something this Indie Go Go project looks to change with a laser 3D scanner dubbed the Photon Laser 3D Scanner.

The founders are looking to raise C$81,000, but with 24 days to go, they have already managed to raise a stunning C$154,000. Therefore, the Indie Go Go campaign is already successful, which means if you pledge $349.00, you will get your very own Photon Laser 3D Scanner when the project is finally over. The scanner in itself is both mobile and powerful. Have a look at their presentation video and marvel over how far 3D printing and scanning has come since it was first introduced not too long ago.

Compact Laser 3D Scanner Startup Project





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