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Click Case Turns The iPhone 5 Into A Legit Camera

Click Case Turns The iPhone 5 Into A Legit Camera

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Now that the iPhone 5 has arrived, and the camera has once again been updated (this time to an 8 megapixel sensor), it’s not hard to understand that people are going to start snapping away even more with their smartphone instead of a digital camera. Of course, the iPhone 5 isn’t compatible with a system camera just yet, but the image quality is at a level where amateur photographers have difficulties noticing the real difference between the two. There is another difference that might have a huge impact on the quality of your photographs, and that is the grip. Holding the iPhone 5 is still as odd as it is difficult when trying to get into creative photography, but there is a new click case that might just change all that.

The number of iPhone 5 cases that have been announced so far is astonishing to say the least. A lot of people were concerned that upgrading would make them have to wait a long time for accessories. However, manufacturers have been prepared it seems, and they are constantly pushing out new products into the market. The click case, or Frame as it is called, is a great addition to the iPhone 5’s square grip. With this click case, you will be able to hold your “camera” (iPhone 5) with a confident grip that will enable you to shoot pictures which were previously annoying due to the odd grip of the iPhone itself.

There are a lot of these kinds of cases available for the iPhone 4S, but this click case (Frame) should be the first one for the iPhone 5. This product is currently under development, or rather in its final stages, so there is no price set yet for this click case. They are actually asking you how much you would consider paying for this case if you want one. There are a lot of people who are continuously asking for accessories which will enable them to take their photography to new heights when it comes to smartphones, and I think this could be a neat little accessory to sport on their travels and adventures.

Quirky’s Frame iPhone 5 Click Case





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