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This Gift Safe Brings Back The Suspense Of Christmas

This Gift Safe Brings Back The Suspense Of Christmas

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Do you have trouble keeping your kids or perhaps even your spouse from shaking and investigating the presents you buy them before they are supposed to be opened? Perhaps you have gone to great lengths to hide them, yet they manage to find them even though they are not supposed to. If this is the case then to keep them from figuring out what you have bought them you definitely need a Timeless Box, a gift safe that only opens when the due date is reached.

After checking this interesting apparatus out I want to simply call it a gift safe, however, its official name is actually Timeless Box and in a sense that is what it is. It’s the prefect little device if you want to make sure no one is snooping around trying to figure out what you have bought them. You may even use it for your own presents should you not trust your own ability to keep away from what’s been given to you.

It was developed by Ignasi Giró, founder of an agency called Honest & Smile, and it is super easy to use. All you really need to do is put your presents in the gift safe, choose what date you want it to open, close the lid and lock the box. Then simply hand it over to the person you want to give the contents to and let them wait in frustration for it to open. The gift box in itself is the ultimate present to give someone. However, if you are of curious nature yourself, I wouldn’t give the gift safe as a present to someone you know is going to give you a present in return as you would probably be the victim of its torture as well.

If you want to stock up on a couple, then you can pre-order them over at IndieGoGo, as this concept is a startup, and you would have to plonk down a geeky €76.00 ($103.00) or €444 ($603.00) if you want it in titanium, per box. The gift safe, or Timeless Box, makes the perfect gift in a gift and once the due date has been reached the lid will pop open, and the receiver can frolic in your kindness, even though you have just tortured them for a number of days. The irony, right?

Timeless Box – The Ultimate Gift Safe To Increase Suspense

Timeless Box Gift Safe

Timeless Box Gift Safe

Timeless Box Gift Safe

Timeless Box Gift Safe

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