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Chewing Gum Batteries Could Power All Our Gadgets In The Future

Chewing Gum Batteries Could Power All Our Gadgets In The Future

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

What do you do when seemingly the entire world is focused on creating the next groundbreaking gadget? What can you possibly do to leverage all that competition? Well, you invent the power source that is going to power all of those gadgets of course. That’s probably the most sound advice anyone could give an up and coming inventor. If you control the power source, you control the market. Everything needs power, and maybe these Chewing Gum Batteries are going to supply it.

The concept and idea is brought to us by Ping-Yi Lin, and it is an intriguing one. You might think it has to do with chewing something, since the name for the concept is actually Chewing Gum Batteries. However, it’s the packaging that the name refers to. As you see from the pictures, it can easily be “confused” with a Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum pack. But the concept as a whole is super clever. These chewing gum batteries could actually become our source of emergency power in the future.

The idea is to have vending machines everywhere with these Chewing Gum Batteries in them. You simply buy a pack and put the number of chewing gum batteries best suited for your gadget directly on the gadget itself. Through RFID, the Chewing Gum Batteries transmit their power to the gadget. How this will work is still a mystery to most people, but once this concept is realized, the benefits could be far more than we probably think right now. Imagine being able to purchase cheap emergency power for our gadgets though a vending machine. No more running out of batteries, ever!

The Chewing Gum Batteries vending machines also have a recycle feature which will reward you for returning the depleted batteries to be recycled. The reward would most likely be a certain discount towards your next purchase. So far, this is just an idea and a concept. However, the concept itself is a 2013 iF Design Talents entry, so if it wins, there is a great chance this could become our everyday reality in the future.

Ping-Yi Lin’s Chewing Gum Batteries Concept





Via: [Yanko Design]

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