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ChargeCard: Smartphone USB Cable That Slips In Your Wallet Like A Card

ChargeCard: Smartphone USB Cable That Slips In Your Wallet Like A Card

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

When you think back to your first cell phone, do you remember how you didn’t have to charge it much? My first cell phone was a bag phone that I kept in my car “for emergencies.” I hardly ever had to charge it. These days, that is obviously very different. Most of us charge our smartphones at least once a day. When we hit the coffee shop, the first thing we do is look for a place to sit that’s near a power outlet. This smartphone USB cable can make that process more convenient.

We are all looking for the ultimate solution to conveniently keep our phones juiced up. There are tons of mobile smartphone chargers on the market. They’ve become one of the most popular smartphone accessories available. This smartphone USB cable, called the ChargeCard, caught my attention because it’s about as easy as you can get.

It is shaped like any of the other credit or debit cards that you already have in your wallet. It’s only three times as thick as a credit card, so you won’t even feel the difference when it’s tucked away in your back pocket or in your bag. You won’t see it or even think about it until you need it. It will just be there for when the time is right.

This smartphone USB cable uses any USB port to charge your phone, so wherever you are, you’ll be able to whip it out and get charged. It is available for iPhone or Android phones. This innovation is another one that started out on Kickstarter. Their campaign was completed last summer, and they raised $161,897 (their goal was $50,000). You can learn more about this by clicking over to the ChargeCard website.

Smartphone USB Cable That Is The Size Of A Credit Card





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