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castAR: World’s First Real 3D Holographic Projection VR Glasses

castAR: World’s First Real 3D Holographic Projection VR Glasses

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It almost feels weird visiting this topic again after having written about it so many times before. Holograms are considered to be the holy grail of technology, and the company or person who manages to create the first real and efficient hologram will become a legend for all eternity, or at least that’s how it feels. There have been many attempts and many failures. Is it possible? With a little bit of ingenuity, I most definitely think it is, and I credit that to the castAR glasses.

The castAR glasses are somewhat of a revolution in the making. The incredible result of combining projected augmented reality, true augmented reality and virtual reality is mind-blowing when you first see it. Being able to put these glasses on and play a game projected on the table in front you in true 3D, and on top of that, being able to interact with what’s happening on it is incredible.

The glasses incorporate some groundbreaking technology when you look at how the different components work together. On the actual glasses, you will find one left projector, one right projector, active shutter lenses and a tracker. When these work together, it creates an amazing result which you can see in the demo video. One of the best things about these glasses is that they require no calibration whatsoever. All you need to do is to put them on and start playing.

The team behind the castAR, Rick Johnsson and Jeri Ellsworth at Technical Illusions, have been working on realizing their idea for over 18 months. Now they are ready to put it out there, but they need the support of you, the users. They have setup a Kickstarter page to raise the $400,000 it will take to actually take their prototype to a finished product – and the world seems to love their idea. With over 28 days to go (as insane as that might sound) they have already managed to raise an incredible $473,000. This Kickstarter campaign is already a success, so if you want to experience tomorrow’s technology today, make sure you pledge and keep an eye on their page until the campaign is over.

castAR – 3D Holographic Projection Virtual Reality Glasses

castAR 3D Holographic Glasses 1

castAR 3D Holographic Glasses 1

castAR 3D Holographic Glasses 1

castAR 3D Holographic Glasses 1

castAR 3D Holographic Glasses 1

castAR 3D Holographic Glasses 1

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