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Minecraft Gameplay On Calculator Header

Math Whiz Recreates Minecraft Gameplay On His Graphing Calculator

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Yesterday I wrote about a guy who hacked his calculator so that he could play Game Boy games on it. Well, as one Twitter follower of mine pointed out, he didn’t hack his calculator as much as he hacked his Game Boy to fit into his calculator case. So now that this it out of the way let’s check out something even more impressive. A math whiz, who calls himself Blue on YouTube, has recreated the 2D Minecraft  gameplay on his graphing calculator.

This time around this guy didn’t have to mod or get into the technological end of things he “merely” had to recreate these two games into his own breed by programming his calculator to draw up the landscape so that he could mess around with it. Some of the features available in this breed of Minecraft are pretty much whatever you can do in the real Minecraft gameplay. It is just insanely impressive.

Sure, the Minecraft gameplay that Blue has been able to recreate is not exactly the Minecraft most of us are used to, but you will see the similarities between both Minecraft and Terraria when you have a closer look at what he has been able to inject into that little calculator of his.

By what I believe is a set of random variables Blue is able to create new worlds and also save them. The work that must have gone into this calculator program is insane. Creating games, and especially the Minecraft gameplay for that matter, on a Ti-84 calculator, doesn’t exactly give you the infinite tools that game developers are used to, so Blue has had to take a few shortcuts here and there. But nevertheless, this guy certainly has his math down and I wouldn’t be surprised if this math whiz soon recreated GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) on his graphing calculator very soon. This definitely deserves a like, and huge props!

Blue’s Minecraft Gameplay On A Graphic Calculator

Minecraft Gameplay On Calculator

Minecraft Gameplay On Calculator

Minecraft Gameplay On Calculator

Minecraft Gameplay On Calculator

Minecraft Gameplay On Calculator

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