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Breathalyzer Watch Knows If You Should Get A Ride Home Or Call A Cab

Breathalyzer Watch Knows If You Should Get A Ride Home Or Call A Cab

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

There have been so many personal breathalyzer devices, smartphone add-ons and apps released over the past few years, but this is the first time I’ve seen one incorporated into a watch. This high tech watch breathalyzer could be an effective way to monitor your alcohol level when you’re not paying attention to how much you’re drinking. It makes perfect sense that we should have a way to monitor that data ourselves, and this wristwatch could do the trick.

It’s called the Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch, and it has a built-in breathalyzer test which is simple to use. You just open the sensor cap and press the alcohol button. After the sensor warms up, you blow for 5 seconds and then wait for the results to appear on the screen. The watch is programmed to display one of ten different alcohol levels, depending on how much you’ve had to drink. The LED light will also give you a quick color indicator. Green indicates sobriety, yellow indicates you’re buzzed and red means you’re definitely drunk.

This breathalyzer watch also acts as a standard watch and displays the time and date. It uses a rechargeable battery, and it charges via USB. Like a lot of breathalyzer devices, this one also has a sobriety game built into it to add a little fun to your evening, or to entertain you while you wait for your cab to arrive.

If you’d like to pick this up for yourself, you can click over to Tokyoflash Japan. Last week, it was listed at $99. Now it’s listed at $149. Either way, I know people who’ve spent a lot more than that on a watch with less functionality, so I’m sure for a lot of people, the price tag will be worth it. When you think about it, this watch could actually save lives if it stops someone from getting behind the wheel while buzzed or drunk.

Breathalyzer Watch Knows If You’ve Had Too Much To Drink





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