Braille Translation Printer & Scanner Would Translate Into Happiness

The story of Sim Cheong is like a fairytale in Korea. It’s a beautifully touching story about a young girl and her blind father. After the girl makes several sacrifices during her life, her greatest wish comes true and her father’s eyes are opened, and he can suddenly see. The story reminds us about how important it is to respect our elders, and you can read the whole thing on The Story of Sim Cheong. This Braille translation printer and scanner concept design was inspired by that Korean fairytale.

This concept design is a brilliant little piece of technology which comes in the form of a compact printer and scanner. In addition to operating as a standard printer and scanner, it also acts as a Braille translation printer and scanner since it will translate text into Braille. This could be a whole new way for the visually impaired to engage and interact with others on a much more social level.

Imagine how wonderful it would be for someone who is blind to be able to read a flat piece of paper. You could put a piece of paper (with writing on it) in this machine, and it would come out the other side in Braille. I can’t think of a better way for Braille translation when it comes to printed documents and letters. I can remember back when fax machines were introduced in the world. Everyone freaked out and within a matter of months, it seemed like almost all businesses had one. I bet this Braille translation printer and scanner would make just as big of a stir in the visually impaired community. Even simple every day things like reading an email in a fast and easy way by simply printing it would suddenly be possible. I hope it becomes a reality real soon. This would bring a lot of happiness to the world. [Designer: Kyung-ho Jang]

Braille Translation Printer & Scanner Concept Design





Via: [Yanko Design] [Trendhunter]


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    I am intrest on your braille Scanner and printer please contact me

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