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Boombox Retro Watch Fuses The ’80s With Today

Boombox Retro Watch Fuses The ’80s With Today

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Music has always been a huge part of human history. It has helped create lifestyles that would have been impossible to imagine without it. Music has inspired millions of people, and it keeps inspiring our whole world in ways we can’t even comprehend. Whatever music you feel like listening to, it’s probably based on how it makes you feel, and what you are in the mood for, obviously. When it comes to styles, one of the most recognized accessories must be the infamous boombox. It’s one of the geekiest cult gadgets of the ’80s, and it is still one that makes people spring out a smile when they lay eyes on it. There have been many attempts to create an updated version of it, but few have been successful. Maybe this retro watch will once again make the boombox a popular accessory.

It’s a wonderfully crafted boombox retro watch that mimics the look and feel of the legendary tape stereo. It’s designed and developed by Flud, who has created a whole line of wonderfully designed retro watches. If you like big wristwatches, this is the perfect one for you. Not only will it display the time in epically bright red LED numbers, but it will also make quite an impression when you flash this retro watch to anyone who dares to ask you what time it is.

Retro has always been a big part of Bit Rebels, and so it is no coincidence that we feature this watch. It’s a brilliant reminder that the ’80s are still with us, whether you like it or not. It’s made available by Amazon for $70.99 and comes in a kick ass aluminum box. Great packaging has always impressed us a ton here at Bit Rebels, and this one is certainly one of those. I could browse Flud’s directory of watches for ages (they have quite a few) because I think they all have a really cool and unique look to them. More than a few of the watches embrace the retro feeling, and that is something that I appreciate a lot. May the retro gadgets rule once more!

Flud’s Retro Watch – Boombox

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