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Booklet: First E-Ink Smartphone Concept Unveiled

Booklet: First E-Ink Smartphone Concept Unveiled

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

A couple days ago, I wrote about Sony’s interesting e-ink paper notepad which is set for release later this year. I have been keeping a close eye on e-ink development for the last year or so, and even though it might not be as exciting as the flexible mobile designs that are rumored to be released this year, it’s still highly interesting. For the first time since the concept was brought to our attention, there is an e-ink smartphone concept unveiled for us to drool over.

This interesting concept is the brainchild of concept designer Fabrice Dubuy. He ventured into the unknown while trying to create an e-ink smartphone that would thrill even the most hardcore smartphone fanatic. The concept might come across quite simple, but that is exactly what a smartphone should be. If you can bind the complexity of its functions into a simple user interface, you will have what everyone is calling the ultimate design.

The e-ink era has just begun, and we’re still looking for the full color and fast-paced e-ink technology, but the prototypes being thrown around at the moment are more than impressive. The e-ink smartphone concept that Fabrice managed to conceptualize, dubbed the Booklet, is a straightforward smartphone design that might shed a bit of retro nostalgia over its exterior. But don’t be fooled, the interior is on the edge of technology, and with e-ink smartphone technology being pushed to its limits, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see an e-ink smartphone within the immediate future.

Even though this e-ink smartphone might not at this current concept stage sport apps in their fullest grace, it is still quite appealing. The black and white display can of course not compete with today’s full color, high definition touchscreen displays, but it has an advantage that most touchscreen displays can’t even come close to. And that is the low amount of power it takes to power the display itself. This e-ink smartphone will keep you mobile for a much longer time, which means more productivity for you. Will it be realized? Who knows, at this current stage this is still just a concept idea. But we have seen concept ideas become huge successes when realized, and this could definitely be one of those.

Fabrice Dubuy’s E-Ink Smartphone Concept Design







Via: [Yanko Design]

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