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BlueTooth Watch with Caller ID

BlueTooth Watch with Caller ID

8 Years Ago By Arnt Eriksen

What if you can just look at your watch and see who is calling you?  That would be the coolest right?! No need to get your phone off your pocket. Think Geek sells them at $79.99.

Sure, you could look at your cell phone to see who is calling or push a button to mute the ringer and let them go to voicemail. But, instead, we think you should be as lazy as possible and use the Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display for these tasks.

This watch keeps you connected in style by combining a vintage analog/digital watch design with Bluetooth Wireless technology. It notifies you when your phone rings with a discreet vibrating sensation and showing the caller’s name and/or number on the bright OLED display. When an SMS/text message is received the watch will vibrate and the text alert icon will appear. You can mute your phone’s ringer or reject a call by simply pushing a button on the watch.


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