Block Case Enables Lego Building On Your Smartphone

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As all of you know, there are millions and millions of smartphone cases out there all poking at your attention trying to make you buy them. I have no clue how many people actually buy a case that will either enhance their phone’s design or protect it, but by the looks of it, there has to be plenty of them since the cases seem to be everywhere these days. I think I have even seen some in the grocery store. I don’t use a case for my own smartphone, but I have to admit that I have glanced at a few and thought they would be quite cool to have. However, I have never fallen victim to the urge and gotten one. I have no idea if that is good or bad. For now, my smartphone is perfectly safe and working just as it should.

If you are an uber geek who loves to play with your Lego pretty much every day, going to work or school might be one of those traumatic experiences that keeps you from smiling all the way there. Now you don’t have to feel that way anymore since there is a case for your Galaxy S II that will let you play with your favorite blocks on the way there, during and even on your way home again.

It’s the Block Silicon Case for the Galaxy S II smartphone. I have no clue whether it is approved by Lego or not (thus the name not including Lego I guess), but it will enable you to use the Lego blocks on it. I know for a fact that Lego is very strict about who uses their name on items not approved by the company, and judging from this, they have not been approved thus the name. I am sure it’s perfectly cool to make stuff that will enhance the Lego creativity process though, and this case certainly falls into that category. You will be able to get it from Strapya World for about $13. It’s a bargain to keep you building during crunch time at work or school, right?

Block Silicon Smartphone Lego Case

Block Silicon Smartphone Lego Case

Block Silicon Smartphone Lego Case

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