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New Bionic Lenses Enable On-Demand Mechanical Zooming

New Bionic Lenses Enable On-Demand Mechanical Zooming

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We have covered quite a few different contact lenses here on Bit Rebels. Some of them have been on the edge of technology itself. But I don’t think many contact lenses will have the chance to impress when compared to what a team of American and Swiss engineers have been able to achieve with their bionic lenses. The new contact lenses, which have a mechanical aspect to them, were primarily developed to help people with age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

The difference between people who only need correctional contact lenses and people with AMD is that regular contact lenses only help to re-focus the view field. This is sometimes not sufficient enough for people with AMD. In order to help let in more or less light into the eye, the team came up with bionic lenses that both re-focus and magnify the person’s view field up to 2.8 times. This has been proven to let more light into their eye, thus helping people with AMD to see clearer.

It’s a pretty advanced technology that when finalized will allow people with AMD to manipulate their bionic lenses and choose what level of magnification they want on them. Future models might even have a wireless connection which would allow the wearer to adjust the magnification level without taking out the bionic lenses at all. So far these contact lenses are just meant for people with AMD apparently, but as they get more advanced, they might be a good choice for anyone who needs to wear contact lenses in order to see better. The bionic lenses actually close up allowing the lenses to take in more or less light.

When it comes to innovative technology, researchers and innovators have always tried to come up with a way to make us more bionic without having to surgically incorporate gadgets and devices into our bodies. These bionic lenses are the perfect step forward, allowing us to get more bionic without having to alter anything on our body directly.

New Bionic Lenses Enable On-Demand Zooming





Via: [BusinessWire]

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