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Bike Wheel Light System Lets You Design Your Own Wheel Graphics

Bike Wheel Light System Lets You Design Your Own Wheel Graphics

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I don’t know what’s going on lately, but there has been so much innovation for bicycles that I feel like I’m in high tech bike heaven. Maybe it’s because summertime is finally here, or maybe people are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Whatever it is, I love it. We’ve written about a lot of high tech bicycle blinkers, handlebars and helmets, but this is one safety feature which I think trumps them all. It’s a custom bike wheel light system that basically turns your bike into a lightshow at night.

These bike wheel lights are called Monkey Light Pro, and I can see them being especially popular with creative designers and artists. It’s a whole bicycle wheel display system that uses an advanced technology to provide you with a complete platform to design your own bike wheel lightshow that will be completely custom to your bike.

This system comes with standard animations that you can use before you upload your own. You can even set up a playlist of images that display in order – kinda like a slideshow of light images coming from your bike wheels. This bike wheel light system has 256 LEDs which let you choose from a total of 4,096 different colors. You can upload up to 1,000 images or 90 seconds of video to the device via Bluetooth.

Currently, the creators of this bike wheel light system are looking for funding on Kickstarter to complete the final stages of Monkey Light Pro. They want to raise $180,000 and with 54 days left, they have already raised $98,000. This definitely looks do-able, and before long, you may see someone dashing down the sidewalk at night with a whole lightshow glowing from their bicycle. So creative!

Bike Wheel Light System Lets You Design Your Own Wheel Graphics






Via: [Laughing Squid] [Treehugger]

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May 28th, 2013

this is unbelievable. have forwrded to my fve bike guy in denver. in related news, ‘a’ key seems to be malfunctioning.


Tony L

June 5th, 2014

You have to be going more than 12 mph to get the effect. Not everyone does that speed.


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