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Bike Washing Machine Exercise Invention

Bike Washing Machine Allows Getting Fit While Doing House Chores

7 Months Ago By Richard Darell

Are you walking around wishing that doing your daily exercise routine would also mean getting your house chores done? That can very well soon be the future of training as we know it. A new concept from designer Li Huan is as quirky as it looks fun and useful. The device may look like an ordinary exercise bike, but a closer look and you see everything is not what it seems. The device, the Bike Washing Machine, holds a washing machine drum where the front wheel used to sit. When you exercise, you will also get your laundry done!

The fact that you can combine two time-consuming endeavors into one is brilliant. Sure, the effectiveness of the whole process very much depends on the skill you possess. The dedication and energy you put into your cycling sessions may affect the result. You can save yourself some energy, money and, of course, while also get a good workout in.

The concept looks doable, and we here at Bit Rebels can’t wait to see how this Bike Washing Machine will be received by the masses. Who would not want to be able to exercise and get your laundry done in one session, right? Other people have adopted the idea and innovations like the Bike Plow are already realized.

If and when this contraption will be coming to a store near you is impossible to say. By the looks of it, the project should not be an impossible feat to accomplish, however, demand may very well play a big part in if this Bike Washing Machine will ever see the light of day. Do you like this idea? Please tell us in the comment section below so that the inventor can see how many of you awesome people can’t wait to get your hands on the Bike Washing Machine.

So, just like that, doing your laundry is now fun! Who would have thought such a mundane chore could be transformed into such awesomeness. This is brilliant on so many levels.

Bike Washing Machine – The Future Of Exercise

Bike Washing Machine Concept Invention

Bike Washing Machine Concept Invention

Bike Washing Machine Concept Invention

Bike Washing Machine Concept Invention

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Mark J. Sanderson

June 20th, 2016

A Laundromat Cycle Studio would be pretty neat.


Richard Darell

June 20th, 2016

Absolutely brilliant idea! Brilliant I say! :)


June 20th, 2016

I love it.


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