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Invisible Blinds Turn Future Homes Into Sci-Fi Cabanas

Invisible Blinds Turn Future Homes Into Sci-Fi Cabanas

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

With Microsoft working on a future operating system which will supposedly be able to run our entire homes, it’s not hard to see that innovators are eager to start working on applications that will make our lives a whole lot easier. When it comes to incorporating technology into our homes, perhaps one of the most appealing ideas is the innovation that lies within these invisible blinds that a Japanese team of researchers have produced.

One of the most important aspects of a home is privacy, but it’s also important to create a comfortable environment which will satisfy our own preferences when it comes to our well being, right? When we start looking at items in our homes that supposedly do this, one of the main things we might think of are our blinds. They not only give us the privacy we sometimes need, but they also keep our homes perfectly cool. With the newly innovated invisible blinds that this team of researchers over at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd. created, we will be able to add the blinds to our windows without having to mess with the visual eyesore that blinds can sometimes become.

These invisible blinds are not a new innovation per say since there have been plenty of ideas floating around when it comes to intelligent glass and so forth. But these invisible blinds have a trick up their sleeves that might just put them ahead of all the other concepts out there today. These blinds are actually a transparent layer completely invisible to the human eye. The surface blocks light, depending on which angle it hits the layer within the glass.

Light has a high incidence angle during the summer, which to some extent the window automatically blocks out. During the winter, light has a low incidence angle which the invisible blinds let through in a higher amount. The innovation behind this glass is of course that this transition will be completely automatic without the need for human control or interaction.

Innovative Invisible Blinds That Automatically Adjust





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