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Innovative Automated Underground Parking Lot For Your Bicycle

Innovative Automated Underground Parking Lot For Your Bicycle

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This automated underground parking lot for bicycles is so brilliant that it will make you want to start riding a bike every day. I ride my bike a lot, and I know from experience that the biggest concern when riding a bike to somewhere like a store is that it might get stolen or damaged when it’s parked outside the door. What if you knew your bicycle would be safe and sound no matter what? Would that make it more appealing to ride your bike? This parking system takes it one step further and even stores your bike out of sight. That’s right! This is a completely automated underground parking lot designed specifically for bicycles.

As you’ll see in the video below, this underground parking system acts like a robotic valet in a way. You even get a claim ticket, just like a regular valet, to ensure you get the correct bike upon your return. This isn’t a concept design, it’s a real parking lot in Japan. This particular one holds up to 200 bikes, and it was designed underground to obviously conserve the space above ground. Supposedly many more of these automated underground parking lots will be constructed soon in different places.

This is such an innovative technology that I’m sure makes a big difference in people’s lives in Japan. If there was a parking system like this for bicycles here in Atlanta, and if it was close to where I shop, I would definitely consider getting rid of my car. I would just ride the train or my bike everywhere. How about you? I just have one question though. What happens if you lose that little valet ticket? Then how do you get your bike back? That seems like an important detail to keep track of in this process.

The Automated Underground Parking Lot For Bicycles





Via: [Design Taxi]

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