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Audman: Turns Your iPhone Into A Walkman

Audman: Turns Your iPhone Into A Walkman

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It seems I have an urge for truly retro things lately, and after just reviewing several new retro accessories for the iPhone 4S, I can say there is a lot that stands out in the crowd. I have come to believe that the retrofication of our gadgets isn’t only a way to feel more connected to our past, but also a way to personalize our gadgets a little more beyond the wallpapers and the the sets of icons we have on them. Of course, there are a million ways you can customize your iPhone to make it look all cool on the screen, but to personalize it by its design is somewhat a bit more costly. At least it can be if you want the really neat cases like a projector case and whatnot.

However, you don’t really have to go that far to make your little bundle of awesomeness stand out. All you have to do to get that retro feeling is have a look at the Audman case. It’s the ultimate retrofication case that will have your iPhone looking like a Walkman in just a little over a couple of seconds. This is no ordinary case either. It’s nothing that you will just haul up and answer your phone whenever it is ringing. Your iPhone actually works like a cassette.

As usual, when it comes to badass ideas like this, it comes from Kickstarter (they are in need of funding). So if you want to help fund the retrofication of iPhones, this is definitely something you will want to look into. When it is launched, you can just slide your iPhone into the case, and the ’80s will come to you. It’s that simple, it really is. Did I just sound like a TV commercial right there… Hmm… well it’s for the good, so I guess it’ll let it slide this time around.

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Audman Walkman iPhone 4S Case

Audman Walkman iPhone 4S Case

Audman Walkman iPhone 4S Case

Audman Walkman iPhone 4S Case

Via: [iPhone Hacks]

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