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Aroma Post Card Printer Allows Sharing Of Smells

Aroma Post Card Printer Allows Sharing Of Smells

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Have you ever had a meal so delicious that you felt like you wanted to share the experience with someone? Maybe even just sharing the aroma of the food you’re about to eat would be enough to properly communicate your satisfaction. I think with all the different photo sharing services available today, our craving for food photography is slowly being saturated. What we need is something entirely new, something that will allow aromas to be injected into a post card printer.

That is exactly what a bunch of concept design students from the Fashion and Art Design Institute of Donghua University thought when they considered entering the Sony Student Design Workshop 2012. They wanted to design a device that could capture the aroma of any food, and with the use of post card printer, inject the paper with the aroma. It’s a device that somewhat sounds like it’s taken directly from a science fiction movie, but as a matter of fact, the available technology today could supply such a device with the necessary components.

This is just a concept design that Sony has no intention of realizing, at least for now. But the thought of having a post card printer that can print your food pictures which also smell like the food you just photographed is quite intriguing. The device would consist of different ink aromas that would blend together to mimic the exact smell of your food. This of course infuses the thought of some highly advanced pranks, but that is not what this concept is all about. It’s about taking photography to a whole new level. It’s something that movie theaters have been trying to do for a long time. Whether or not we’ll see one of these gadgets in stores in the future depends on the innovation people are willing to commit to, and of course the demand for such a product. Would you rather receive an aroma post card or is looking at food photos on Instagram enough to satisfy your craving for delicious food?

Aroma Post Card Printer Concept





Via: [Gizmodiva]

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