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Arc Mouse Allows Browsing On Curved Surfaces

Arc Mouse Allows Browsing On Curved Surfaces

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Are you tired of having to find a table or flat surface every time you don’t want to use the trackpad on your laptop? It’s one of those small annoyances that you just can’t get around, or can you? I mean, when you are using your computer to create graphics or play games, especially first person shooters, you can’t really do that without a proper mouse. Sure, you can bind keys and whatnot, but the way some of these games are played will not allow for anything other than a mouse if you really want to stand a good chance against some of the epic players out there. The Arc Mouse will change all that in a jiffy. It will level pretty much any surface as your playing field. Also, now designing great graphics doesn’t have to stop just because you are on the road.

In an attempt to create something that a lot of people have wished for a long time, the Arc Mouse is about to rock business at its core. The notion that you don’t need a flat surface when you are out and about is a sure time optimizer for a lot of designers and people who are directly dependent on their mouse for their work. Have you ever tried to design something in Photoshop without having access to a mouse? Well, let me tell you, it’s just not an option.

The idea for the Arc Mouse comes from innovators Seunghoon Shin and Chang Seok Kim, who hope that their groundbreaking invention will pick up attention over at some big companies who will help them to bring their idea to the masses. Logitech comes to mind first, and they would be a great initiator for a new breed of mice. Logitech has a long history of trying out new products on the market, and they have a pretty good hit percentage when it comes to the ratio between success and failure. Can the Arc Mouse become the next standard in the field operation of a computer? My guess is that it will probably have a good shot at it if it is given the chance to reach the hardcore users who really need it.

All Surface Arc Mouse Invention






Via: [InventorSpot]

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