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Futuristic Gaming Suit Adds Real Impact For Gamers

Futuristic Gaming Suit Adds Real Impact For Gamers

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Just a decade ago, gaming was all confined to the screen, but that has changed dramatically over the last few years. This is not only because gaming has become a whole lot better when it comes to graphics and control, but also because new and powerful gaming accessories have started to emerge on the market. Innovations like the Oculus Rift and other gadgets have started a new trend. Maybe the futuristic gaming suit from ARAIG can further immerse us into the virtual world.

So what is this new wearable piece of gaming accessory? Well, the ARAIG gaming suit looks very much like your average American football gear, but with a whole lot more technology incorporated into it. If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself into any first person shooter, the ARAIG gaming suit is just what you need. It incorporates three key features that will have your butt scared when starting up that new game you just bought.

The first two features we have seen around gaming for a long time, but it’s really the third feature that could come to change gaming forever. The first two, which are sound and vibration, are of course featured already. But the third one, called STIMS, adds another level of immersion. You might have seen the many different workout tools on TV Shop which enable you to pretty much do nothing while electricity contracts your muscles over and over again. That is exactly what the STIMS feature does.

The STIMS will almost make you feel the real impact of bullets and punches. That’s something that is going to make your gaming suit one of the illest pieces of gaming gear you’ll ever own. The ARAIG gaming suit is a Kickstarter project that is looking for funding. The project is looking to raise $900,000 before the crowdfunding period is over. So far, with 27 days to go, the project has accumulated just north of $16,000. There is still a lot of time to go though, and media coverage is going to send this product to the skies if people are ready for this kind of gaming immersion.

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June 2nd, 2013

An awesome peripheral that a hard core gamer could get… A huge advancement for the gaming industry especially for 1st person games

Quinton Bird

June 19th, 2013

We would like to invite you to show at our NEW TECH exhibition this November in Goteborg, Sweden.

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