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Anti-Theft Exploding Glass Keeps People From Stealing At The Bar

Anti-Theft Exploding Glass Keeps People From Stealing At The Bar

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

So what do you do when your customers keep stealing your beer glasses when they leave your bar? Well, you do what a Swedish cider maker decided to do. They created a one-of-a-kind glass that will definitely keep customers from ever stealing glasses again. Kopparberg, the Swedish cider maker, saw the huge losses bars suffered when customers went outside with their drinks, so they came up with an anti-theft exploding glass which they just announced.

A little background information would probably be in order. In Sweden, you are allowed to drink liquor in public, which is something that most Americans are foreign to I presume. Of course, being able to do that introduces the problem of beer glasses (or all kinds of glasses really) wondering off by themselves, never to be returned to the bar that they supposedly belong to. In order to correct this, Kopparberg recently announced the anti-theft exploding glass that should make people a tad bit more aware of their kleptomania.

So how does the glass work? If you take the glass farther then 100 meters from the bar it was “stolen” from, you will be the subject of a little surprise, to say the least. The device attached to the glass will explode and turn you into a blue smurf. Yes, that is correct, the little box will keep track of how far away from the bar you are, and if you are too far, it will explode its ink package (and supposedly destroy the glass at the same time), which will make it impossible for you to continue having a nice night out. Well, if you don’t think being a blue smurf for the rest of the night is a big deal then the anti-theft exploding glass would be pretty much useless on you.

If you get pissed because it explodes on you, you can save yourself the energy and annoyance because the tag attached to the glass warned you about it so there is nothing you will be able to say. Trying to convince someone that stealing a glass from a pub was not your fault will probably just put you in deeper with the door security guys, which is not a good thing. So try to read the printed text before heading out with your exploding glass into public.

Kopparberg’s Anti-Theft Exploding Glasses






Via: [FoodBeast]

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