Analog Clock Goes Digital With New Display Projection

Technology has a way of getting stuck sometimes. That becomes apparent when you look at the various alternatives, or rather the lack of them, to wall clocks. We are pretty much stuck with the same ole clocks until we decide to go digital. It’s an annoying feeling knowing you can’t really take the next step with your wall clock like you can with your smartphone for example. A few brave developers have dared to innovate around this, and they have created an analog clock that manages to push into the digital domain.

There have been a lot of brave innovators throughout time, but none have yet combined an analog clock with the digital tools at their disposal. It’s kind of sad really when I think about it. We could have had so many cool things already if someone would have just taken the half step it took for designer Uttam Banerjee to design maybe one of the most innovative wall clocks to date. It’s nothing fancy, but it will definitely turn heads.

The Zeit LED wall clock (as it is called) is a concept design of an analog clock that borders on the digital approach. There is nothing really groundbreaking about the technology behind it. By using a laser display projection, the hands of the clock tell the viewer exactly what time it is. Without the digital projection, it would be difficult to tell what time it is. Think of it as a keyboard laser projector. The only difference is that the projected numbers are not interactive.

The concept design shows the analog clock running on batteries, but it can also be connected to an AC output in order to power it for a longer period of time. Even though laser projection doesn’t require a lot of electricity these days, using batteries will still drain it sooner or later. The concept as a whole is quite intriguing, and our wish is that it could be materialized and marketed. This clock is way more stylish than most analog clocks, that’s for sure. The analog clock Zeit is the proud winner of the prestigious iDesign Awards 2012.

Uttam Banerjee’s Zeit LED Analog Clock






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    Neide Werner 3 years

    Where can I get this clock?????

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