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3 Amazing Star Wars Custom Guitars You Have To See To Believe

3 Amazing Star Wars Custom Guitars You Have To See To Believe

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I think when it comes to custom work, one of the most creative bunch of people around are Star Wars fans. They seem to be able to create anything based on ships, accessories or technology found in the epic saga of Star Wars. We have seen a lot of musical instruments based on Star Wars over the years – one in particular is the Millennium Falcon guitar and bass. But as if that weren’t enough, there are now an additional 3 to add to the list of custom guitars based on the Star Wars universe.

Tom Bingham, age 64, from Corby, Northants, is a custom builder that few can match. The retired printer seems to know no boundaries when it comes to busting out creative stuff built using nothing but old bits of scrap that he’s found when scouring car boot sales and junkyards. It’s an amazing experience to see his work unfold from nothing but an idea. In particular, it’s his Star Wars based custom guitars that catch most people’s eyes when they come across his work.

I don’t dare say that his Millennium Falcon guitar is a new. We have seen it featured so many times around the Internet, but his new work is definitely not covered very much. They are based on Star Wars spaceships as well, and they make a great addition to the collection of custom guitars he has managed to put together by just tapping into his own creativity.

His collection, now boasting a cool 20 custom guitars, range from Star Wars inspired custom work to petrol cans from Castrol. Yeah, if he finds something he can use, he will. It’s pretty much the only reason he needs to get his creative juices going. Added to the collection are the B-wing fighter and Jedi Starfighter custom guitars that will captivate even the most novice Star Wars fan.

I wouldn’t mind having one of these badboys in my own collection of guitars. I don’t know if I would use it since it would probably inspire me to watch Star Wars all day long, but I would definitely bust it out every once in a while when I record something. I would love to hear what these new custom guitars sound like. Amazing builds always deserve to be featured on Bit Rebels, and these are definitely amazing custom guitars.

Tom Bingham’s Amazing Star Wars Custom Guitars






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