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GoAmateur: It’s Time For Amateur Lifehacks To Take Over The World

GoAmateur: It’s Time For Amateur Lifehacks To Take Over The World

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Lately you can’t even get on the Internet without coming across some kind of lifehack that will entirely change your life forever. There are more and more genius contraptions and solutions out there, and there seems to be no end to them. With websites like Pinterest, Instagram and a whole lot of other social media services, this is just going to continue. People love sharing and reading about great solutions for things they have been annoyed about for years. A simple spoon over a pot will prevent the boiling water from foaming over the edge for example. That’s just one of millions of lifehacks available to us. But it’s time to welcome a new breed of lifehacks to the world. The amateur lifehacks are about to enter our lives in the most hilarious of ways.

New lifehacks are being invented each and every day, but the ones from GoAmateur are a little bit different. They are based on very basic needs and solutions. There is no need for complicated tutorials or vast lists of items before you are able to put something together. The lifehacks from GoAmateur are just hacks that can be assembled in pretty much 15 seconds or less, or at least that is what it looks like.

If you have ever wanted to film your reality with a head cam then GoAmateur has a great solution for you. Their tutorial is quite simple and straight forward. Take an old retro camera, strap it to your bike helmet and attach it with some duct tape. Done! Being an amateur isn’t hard. Not only will you have your lifehack solution, but you will also let other people know you are beyond resourceful. Who cares about looks anyway? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. We all know that, right? So have a go at this tutorial if you want to make an action-packed first person perspective movie scene. Good idea? Not in a million years. Fun? Heck yeah!

Lifehacks – GoAmateur’s Head Cam Solution

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