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Air Clicker: The World’s First Finger Camera

Air Clicker: The World’s First Finger Camera

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I don’t know if you would agree with me if I said that the cameras of today are not flooded with new features. The only thing that really gets upgraded is like the pixel ratio. I know, not really, but that’s what it seems like. There aren’t exactly any of those new touch-up features added, and even though I am sure the optical or digital zoom is refined more and more for each generation, it’s not really visible for the amateur photographer. I could be wrong here since I am not very educated in the world of cameras as of lately, but the ones I have checked out sure don’t have any revolutionary new features.

So what do you do if you are a conceptual designer, and you don’t really like the way that cameras work or the way they are styled? Styled might be the wrong word to use here but it was the closest word I could find in my head at the time I was writing this. Yeon Su Kim is one of the designers who has really gotten tired of the way cameras work, and he set out to create something entirely new that might revolutionize the photography industry.

This new way of capturing reality and forever freezing it in a picture is called the Air-Clicker. It’s a really cool new concept that I think we might have seen before, but it was more of a hand gesture. It’s like when directors, for example, visualize their image and put up their hands to form the frame. Well, it’s similar to that, and this is actually not too far away from being realized. The technology will probably be here in a matter of a few years, and if connected via Bluetooth, the thing is pretty much done. I think it is a really cool new approach to the old and boring way of capturing photos. Do you think you would be using such a simple device if you had the chance?

Air Clicker Camera Concept Design

Air Clicker Camera Concept Design

Air Clicker Camera Concept Design

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