Adjustable Custom Computer Desk Mod Fit For A True Geek

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If you are a designer, Internet entrepreneur or have anything to do with a computer during your workday, you know that sitting down is probably the one thing you do the most. Hours and hours pass by, and it’s not until you are finished that you realize exactly how many house have passed. Usually when computer geeks go office furniture shopping, they put their focus on a new chair. Finding a chair that is epically comfortable is of course the number one task, but looks are a pretty big part of the decision as well. It’s kind of odd really when you think about it. Shouldn’t we spend equally as much time deciding what desk we are going to use? And the chair is usually adjustable, so why not the desk as well, right? What we all need is this super adjustable custom computer desk mod.

The idea and realization comes from Pascal de Greef and is one of the coolest computer mods I have seen to date. That’s not only because it is so freakishly awesome looking, but because of its impressive features as well. The computer is actually built into the table itself. In order to cool it down, Pascal incorporated four fans the are continuously and silently running while the computer is on.

That’s not where the features end. The computer desk mod can also be raised and lowered if you feel the need to stand for a while without that preventing you from working. The cool thing is that the monitor rig is also adjustable, and it’s all controlled from buttons located underneath the counter itself. It’s the ultimate workstation that presents a clean and straightforward working position whether you want to stand or sit. I know there are plenty of tables that can do this, but how many of them have a built in computer in them? No many, right? I sure wouldn’t say no to one of these badboys. This custom computer desk mod was created solely for the 2012 Cooler Master Mod competition, but it could for sure go into production if you ask me. If you want to create your own computer desk mod just like this one, you can check out the production forum for an in-depth description of how to pull it off.

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