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A FaceBook “Like” Button For Our Offline Life

A FaceBook “Like” Button For Our Offline Life

7 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you are a social media junkie like me, then you will appreciate this little concept design a lot. Since it was introduced last week, the Internet response has been overwhelming.

The UK based design studio, Nation, just updated their site to say that these will be available for purchase in the next week probably. Now we can all have a FaceBook “Like” Button… err… rubber stamp to show when we like certain things that come across our desk during our workday. It’s so simple, so obvious and so brilliant!

Since everyone and their dog has a FaceBook account these days, I’m not surprised that most people like this a lot. My question is, are they also making a FaceBook “dislike” stamp? I hope so; after all, they just seem to go together, right? Even though FaceBook has faced tough criticism lately, I always like to see when something digital mixes with “real life.” There is just something about mixing those two worlds that feels good to me. What do you think? Do you “like” these? (ok, that was cheesy. lol)

[via Nation]

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