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’80s Mofone Landline Phone Case For Your iPhone 4S

’80s Mofone Landline Phone Case For Your iPhone 4S

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Can’t get enough of that retro feeling in your life? Me neither, and I am constantly on the lookout for more stuff that might pull me back to the days of yesterday, even if only for a brief second or so. Of course it’s all in memory, but the energy boost you can get from remembering what used to be simple, playful and awesome in life is always welcome. I think we are so used to technology moving fast that we sometimes really miss out on one of the most important aspects, and that is the way we really use and connect with the stuff we hold dear in our life. I know, it sounds really weird to say that we hold our gadgets dear, but it’s all figuratively speaking.

If you really want to bring forth the retro in your life, you should have a look at the Mofone Case for your iPhone 4S. It’s a case that will have you rockin the ’80s handheld landline phone while on the bus to work or while in the video store trying to pick up the latest movies. The case will no doubt cause a giggle no matter where you are when answering your phone, and it is definitely an instant topic of conversation.

It’s made available by Urban Outfitters for just $45, but is also available by the makers over at Mofone. It’s definitely one of those Christmas gifts that you would want to give away to your loved ones. Nothing is more fun to get in a Christmas present than something that is hilariously cool, yet you are able to actually use it. The phenomenal way you will be strutting around with this thing in your cheap suit and your ’80s backslick haircut looking like a stock trader is just beyond badass.

iPhone 4S Mofone 80s Case

iPhone 4S Mofone 80s Case

iPhone 4S Mofone 80s Case

iPhone 4S Mofone 80s Case

Via: [Chip Chick]

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