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5 Fantastic DIY Repairs To Boost The Longevity Of Your Laptop

5 Fantastic DIY Repairs To Boost The Longevity Of Your Laptop

1 Week Ago By Richard Darell

Currently, internet use is at an all-time high worldwide. In recent years, people have become incredibly attached to devices that permit online activity, and technological advancements allow us to do everything online, from watching television to dating, all from the comfort of our own home. Since most consumers spend considerable time on devices, durability is a critical issue. But technology advances in a way that makes products thinner and lighter, so newer laptops are can be easily broken under duress. And because average usage rates for laptops are high, it is difficult to save your computer from every drop, scratch, spill, and crash encountered. While most people often consider getting a new model when their laptop breaks, there are some practical, do-it-yourself instructions to repair your device, which can be applied by individuals of any skill level.

Below are some ways in which you can fix your laptop independently, saving money and possibly learning a new life skill which can be applied to numerous other devices.

Replace a Cracked/Shattered Screen

This is one of the most common problems faced by laptop users, the dreaded cracked screen. Though companies have made progress in terms of designing resistant screens, they are still relatively easy to break. Though it may appear as if there is no course of action besides upgrading your computer model, replacing your laptop screen is a viable option that is considerably cheaper than a new device. With a dash of courage and a steady hand, you can buy replacement parts online and follow this screen repair guide to install it yourself. If this cost-effective method is out of your comfort level, you can always utilize laptop repair companies for a professional solution.


Overheating is a common issue with laptops, which can be both a software and a hardware issue. Laptops can run multiple processes simultaneously, which contributes significantly to overheating but can be easily resolved. Turning the battery off intermittently is a good way to cool your laptop down since this gives it a chance to breathe. In addition, ensure air vents are kept clear and free from dust. Compressed air is a fantastic method for clearing the vents and ultimately keeping your laptop cool. It is also important to minimize the number of processes you are running at once, and monitoring your laptop’s CPU usage can help prevent overheating.

Repair Stuck And Unresponsive Buttons

Buttons that are sticky, aren’t functioning normally, or can’t be pressed all the way down are a nightmare to navigate around. Sometimes swabbing rubbing alcohol on the affected area helps, as does pressing the button down multiple times to jar it loose. But if that fails to work, chances are you’ll have to replace the button entirely. It is possible to find cheap parts online and use a toolkit and appropriate guides to make the repair.

Fix Buggy Speakers

Headphone jacks are prone to collecting debris, and when they get full of dirt this can affect the sound output of your device while making it difficult to switch from headphones to speaker mode on demand. This issue can be resolved by using a cotton swab to clear the port, and often, this will render it good as new.

Use A Toothpick To fix Loose Charging Port

Laptops have charging ports which are susceptible to coming loose over time, sometimes to the point where your charger might not even fit anymore. Fixing this problem is fairly straightforward and pretty easy. Use a toothpick to remove lint and dirt, ensuring the port is clear and ready for correct use. Once cleaned the plug should fit in the socket more firmly and stay in place. – For more great DIY lifehacks, click here!

5 DIY Repairs To Boost The Longevity Of Your Laptop

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