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3D Printed Cinderella Shoes: Technology & Fashion Collide

3D Printed Cinderella Shoes: Technology & Fashion Collide

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

At the rate 3D printing technology is progressing, it’s realistically conceivable that someday I’ll be able to say to my grandchildren, “I remember back in the old days when companies had to store huge inventories in warehouses. When I ordered something online, I had to wait for it to be delivered by a mail truck.” We aren’t quite there yet, but before you know it, when we order something online, we’ll be printing it at home instantly. Imaging having a bunch of 3D printed stuff around the house. No more shipping or waiting for the mail to arrive. We’ll all have 3D printers in our homes which will be as common as having a refrigerator or an oven.

Here on Bit Rebels, we’ve already written about how 3D printing the human body might work (can you image 3D printed body parts?) and how 3D printing changed one child’s life forever by allowing her to freely move her arms, but today I’d like to show you something a little more lighthearted. I want to show you some 3D printed shoes!

Continuum Fashion recently released a pair of 3D printed Cinderella shoes. They are created with a super lightweight 3D printed layered nylon and a patent leather inner sole. The bottoms are made from synthetic rubber. They are supposedly super comfortable. They come in all different colors and cost $900. Gulp! Yep, that is the only thing about 3D printed merchandise – It’s always super expensive. As with all technology, the prices will go down as more time passes. These little 3D printed Minecraft figures aren’t very expensive, so I guess not everything is ridiculously priced.

These shoes look so futuristic to me, and I wonder if this is a hint of what fashion will look like in the years ahead. I still can’t wrap my brain around eating 3D printed food, but I know tasting that is right around the corner too. It’s actually already been done, and when I wrote about it for the first time back in 2010, I remember how strange it all seemed. Isn’t technology fun?

3D Printed Futuristic Shoes







Via: [Treehugger] [Designboom]

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