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DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

3D Printed Projector Displays Smartphone Info On Your Ceiling

1 Year Ago By Richard Darell

It’s time to solve a problem that has been around for too long. How many times have you woken up just enough to not being able to go to sleep again just because you had to turn around to check what time it is on your smartphone? Probably enough times to know that it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. We’re going to solve that for you by introducing you to the DreamMe 3D printed projector.

You might think that the DreamMe 3D printed projector is a lazy man’s gadget, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Not being able to go back to sleep after waking up to check what time it is is actually a global problem that has increased in number since the introduction of the smartphone. It’s not only when you want to check what time it is, but also when you check messages, notifications or just want to make sure you have enough batteries left for it to screech out that alarm in the morning. This is exactly what the DreamMe 3D printed projector is created to help you with.

This nifty little device will project your smartphone screen on the ceiling when it is placed on top of your smartphone. It’s really that simple. Once your phone lights up, be it by an incoming call or a notification, you can check it by just opening your eyes. After that, you will just have to go right back to sleep again.

The DreamMe 3D printed projector is in development and you can support it by pledging to the DreamMe Kickstarter campaign that the company behind this nifty device has launched. The idea is quite popular as well as with 13 days left they have already managed to crush their crowdfunding goal of $7,971 with $20,627 pledged so far.

Add a little more simplicity to your life and check out the DreamMe 3D printed smartphone projector. We are absolutely sure that it’s going to increase not only sleep efficiency but also comfortability.

DreamMe – 3D Printed Projector For Smartphones

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

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