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3D Printed Headphones Soon In Full Home Production

3D Printed Headphones Soon In Full Home Production

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I am personally very interested in everything that is 3D printed. I have long been following the developments in this highly expanding industry, and since it was introduced as a concept, the progress has picked up enormous pace. In the beginning, the prototype prints were frail and crummy. They weren’t anything that people would be able to sell in a regular store, but all that is about to change dramatically. Recently we have seen 3D printing implemented into a lot of different industries, and now it’s starting to get some traction in the consumer products market. More and more 3D printed products are being introduced into the world, and it’s getting very exciting.

A company named Teague recently announced they will start promoting a pair of awesome looking headphones (called 13:30 Printable Headphones) that are entirely 3D printed. These headphones might not look like your average high-end Dr. Dre headphones, but their look and feel is certainly not going to keep me from wanting a pair. What their announcement means is that soon you will be able to download these headphones over the Internet and print them out on your Maker Bot 3D printer at home. It’s the very first step in consumer products being delivered instantly to us through our Internet connection which will allow us to then use the 3D printed products once they are 3D printed.

It’s an exciting development which will certainly have a huge impact on the pace at which manufacturers will adapt to this new method for creating awesome ways to allow us to instantly use a purchased product. Delivery time will be cut down from around 24 hours to just a few minutes depending on the speed of the 3D printers in the future. We’ll just have to see where all of this goes, but it could possibly be the first time we can “buy,” download and print a consumer product for the purpose of using it on a daily basis. I can only imagine where we might be heading in the near future. Exciting times! (Prototype plans are free to download over at Thingieverse.)

3D Printed 13:30 Headphones

(13:30 is a reference to how long it takes to print the headphones)





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