3D Printed Custom Sunglasses Specifically Created To Fit Your Face

I have a really small face. You can’t see it when looking at a picture, but when I try on sunglasses, it’s obvious. The trendy sunglasses don’t look the same way on me that they do on other people. It’s a bummer, and sometimes I even have to buy the kiddie glasses. I suppose that is why when I read about this, I wanted to share it with you. Now you can get a pair of 3D printed custom sunglasses that are specifically created to fit your face.

It’s a new innovation in the sunglasses world, and I’m excited to see if it catches on. I’ve noticed there are two different schools of thought when it comes to sunglasses. Some people grab a pair at the gas station along with a soda. In other words, they don’t give sunglasses a second thought, and they often lose them.

Other people spend a lot of money on sunglasses, and they keep them for years like a piece of jewelry. For those people, these custom sunglasses might be a fun change of pace. Since they’re 3D printed, they’ll definitely increase your geek cred. They are created by a company called Protos Eyewear, and since they just recently ended a successful crowdfunding campaign, you can expect to see these on the market.

When you order a pair, you just send in two photographs of yourself. One photo should be a headshot and the other one should be a side profile. From there, the team can determine the size your 3D printed custom sunglasses should be. There are 24 different styles of 3D printed glasses for you to choose from. If you want these to be prescription glasses, they can do that too. It’s an interesting concept, and one that I hope catches on. It’s just one more way 3D printing can enhance our lives.

3D Printed Custom Sunglasses Fit Your Face Perfectly

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