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15 Creative & Crazy Cool QR Code Designs

15 Creative & Crazy Cool QR Code Designs

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

By now everyone knows that a QR code is a special barcode that is designed to be read by your smartphone. It’s a very simple form of augmented reality since the codes are many times in our offline lives, yet once we scan them; we are taken someone online, if that makes sense. I remember back in early 2009 when QR codes were viewed as just some other super geeky technology, and nobody was really paying attention to them. A lot has changed since then, and now QR codes are pretty much mainstream. People are starting to realize that those codes can open the door to a super fun interactive online experience, depending on how much forethought is put into the marketing.

A few days ago, Redpepper’s scannable QR code made from chocolate and vanilla Oreo cookies went viral. You can read all about the project on their blog, and view the video of how they made it on Vimeo. Although I think what they created is brilliant, it’s always interesting to read what the community says about it. It seems there are two opinions out there regarding the design of these barcodes. Some people say there is an opportunity to be really creative and have fun with the design itself. Others say that QR codes are like doorknobs, and making them fancy only confuses people and dilutes the message.

I agree with the creative answer. I think that colorful, fun and creative QR codes are memorable and only add to the marketing message. I went on a hunt to find some of the most original QR codes I could find for you, and I put them below. The Oreo cookie one is there also. You can also read about 10 Creative Uses Of QR Codes, how to put a QR code on yourself, and how to leave messages for your deceased loved ones that can be read via a QR code at the cemetery. So, which one of these codes below is your favorite? I like the Superman one the best I think, but then again, I’m a big fan of superheroes, whether they are on a QR code or not.

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Superman QR Code Scann Barcode

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Colorful QR Code Barcodes

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creativity and Technology Combine

Creative QR Codes Pac-Man

QR Code Barcode Dice Die

Rainbow Colored QR Code Barcode

Via: [Designer QR Code Art Gallery] [SET Japan] [Quan’s Travelogues] [Dice by Eric C. Harshbarger]

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One Comment

Snipp Interactive

June 21st, 2013

These are all pretty cool!

We actually built a custom QR code generator that makes it easy for making some pretty out of the box codes: SnippQR (

it as our contribution to the cause of ridding the world of ugly and non-functional QR codes!


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