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Twitter Profile Picture Or Not? – 10 Times More Followers Awaiting

Twitter Profile Picture Or Not? – 10 Times More Followers Awaiting

7 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I expect you think you know the answer to this quite important question. There is a growing number of Twitter accounts being created each day and many people ask themselves and others if a profile picture is important at all or if they should leave it out. Some people are apparently under the assumption that without it they can pack up way more followers then they would if they actually put their front grill on their account. This can be a tricky question to some but if you have been on Twitter for a while it’s quite obvious what road to head down on.

HubSpot did a little research and analyzed over 9 million Twitter accounts through Twitter Grader to see if there was any data that could tell the story about this question. They certainly found their answer. If you want followers, then it is safe to assume that adding a profile picture to your account will increase your following by up to 10 times. If you think about it, you can see why that is. Spam accounts usually have either a picture of some private parts, some innocent person’s picture plastered over 100’s of accounts, or no profile picture at all.

So, if you would like to avoid coming across as a spammer, as that is how Twitter users have come to identify accounts with no profile picture, then you should really head on out and grab that camera of yours and start taking some pictures. However, switching avatar pictures frequently is maybe not such a good idea as your followers will most likely lose track of your tweets. After all, Twitter is a social networking base that encourages the “getting used to” syndrome. When you have imprinted your following in someone’s head and then you keep switching it out, you are no longer recognized in their stream. However, before everyone goes berzerk about it not being a bad a idea to switch profile pictures every now and then, if you are following a small amount of people, then switching you profile picture could be a good idea to get noticed. I know, it sounds weird but the data suggests that is how we do it…

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