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Twitter Police – Now It’s Serious!

Twitter Police – Now It’s Serious!

8 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It had to come sooner or later right. Some law enforcement to check up on all of us and everything. I never thought about it until now actually. It’s been rumored and told that the government has and are using a system to listen in on any (ANY) cell phone if there is sufficient suspicion that the individual is up to no good. It’s even rumored that they can turn on the mic on your cell phone and listen in even if you are not calling anyone.

Well, as I can not validate this (and somewhow I don’t want to know) now there’s even a simpler way for law enforcements to know what you’re up to. Twitter! Yup, the addiction you’re under and submerge yourself into whenever free time is in short supply.

And here they are, the Twitter Police. The people that will stop you from telling the rest of the world about the things no one wants to know. LOL.

Twitter Police

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