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Be A Better Tweeter: 5 Twitter Decisions To Make In 2013

Be A Better Tweeter: 5 Twitter Decisions To Make In 2013

4 Years Ago By Nicky Hari

2012 was a big year for Twitter. From tweeting about sporting events, elections, musical galas, sharing viral videos to expressing opinions about the latest happenings in the world – Twitter played a major role in 2012. Just as we make some resolutions for ourselves every new year, have you thought of making some resolutions for your Twitter usage too? We all need some changes for the better, and social media is no different. Below are 5 possible Twitter decisions to make in 2013.

Maybe you want to connect with a wider audience on Twitter this year? Attend more tweet-ups around the world? Find more prospective clients for your business?

You have some decisions to make about what you want to achieve this year. It’s also very important to keep some things in mind while tweeting, especially if you are tweeting for a business. Here are some decisions you can make  for a better tweeting experience in 2013. These resolutions can come in handy if you want to avoid Twitter blunders or gaffes which might lead to embarrassment.

5 Twitter Decisions To Make This Year

1. Make more connections

We follow a lot of people, but we don’t actually know most of them, do we? So we can make an effort to get to know them better. Obviously that is not possible if you’re following thousands of people. So what you can do is this – just send a tweet to someone in your timeline who you’ve never interacted with before, and when they respond, it could be the start of a new friendship! With new people to follow and talk to everyday, your Twitter audience will grow and so will your virtual social circle.

2. Tackle negative tweets tactfully

On Twitter, you will find people who might disagree with your ideas. Some of them will express it to you in a not-so-nice way. If it is constructive criticism, then of course, it will help you grow. But if it is just the outcome of jealousy or hate on their part, then it’s best to avoid them altogether. Having a Twitter war of words with them publicly in front of your mutual followers is not the way to go and will end things in a bad taste. You can either take the discussion to private Direct Messages or just ignore them and let it go. If it gets any worse, just block them.You cannot please everyone with your tweets and hence, there will be haters. The right attitude while dealing with such hateful tweets is key!

3. Think before you tweet and retweet

Whatever you post or update on Twitter stays on the internet even after you delete the tweet. A tweet once ‘sent’ is almost instantly visible to all your followers and even to people who don’t have a twitter account (if your account is public). Before sending a tweet, think about it – Is my tweet offensive? Is my tweet controversial? Will it cause any issue? It’s crucial to keep this in mind because any tweet can go viral or trend on twitter. There have been instances where it caused legal problems or garnered widespread negative response – and you definitely don’t want that to happen. It doesn’t matter if your twitter account is for personal use or business related – this point applies to all.

4. Share, but not too much!

Twitter is all about sharing – that’s right. But it is equally essential to know how much is too much. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a more ‘open’ social media platform, so before you post a picture of your children, check-in at a location or update about your personal life – think of the possible problems that could occur. Some things should stay personal and not be shared with hundreds or even thousands of unknown people on the internet. Feel like tweeting about a crazy drunk party? Be careful, employers might do a background check on you via your social media accounts. Maybe you want to tweet all about your vacation at this amazing holiday destination? Don’t. You don’t want complete strangers on the internet to know you aren’t home. Bottom line is – don’t overshare.

5. Don’t be a bully!

Don’t tweet or retweet updates or photos which demean anyone, even if some might think of it to be ‘humorous.’ It might seem like a small thing at first, but it might lead to bigger problems. Online bullying in different forms is rampant on various social media platforms – don’t be a part of it.  Offer help instead. This should definitely be one of your decisions to make this year.

Keeping these few pointers in mind before sending a tweet can prove to be helpful in more ways than one. Do you have more Twitter decisions to make this year? Feel free to comment!


Image Credits : [jasonh1234 / deviantART] [George Coghill]

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January 8th, 2013

Love it, thanks for the great tips! Very true, and I’ve especially noticed the over-sharing of personal info and bullying going around lately. It’s important to remember that your tweets represent your brand whether that’s personal or professional, and others will judge you by them.


January 18th, 2013

Interesting I am pretty new to Twitter but have not noted any ‘bullying around’ as yet. Maybe still to get my share but I hope not. In fact I have found most tend to be on their own journey tweeting away and rarely interact even when engaged with.

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