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Preliminary Sketches From The Twitter Bird Logo Redesign

Preliminary Sketches From The Twitter Bird Logo Redesign

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We all know that the new Twitter bird logo was launched last summer, but what we didn’t know until today is what went into the creation of that new bird. As funny as these sketches are, they say more to me about the creative process and inspiration as a whole than they do about the Twitter bird redesign. When you look at the comparison of the old Twitter bird vs. the redesigned Twitter bird in the side-by-side picture below, you might at first glance think there aren’t many changes.

However, when you look at these preliminary sketches of how the new Twitter bird logo came about, you realize that more went into it than just changing the color, making him fit, removing his spiky hairdo and making him look up. Just like with any design, there was a whole creative brainstorming session that poured out on paper before the new Twitter bird came to life.

For any creative session to be productive, it’s important to have fun with it and get a little crazy. This allows your brain to consider all possible options to come up with the best idea possible. Since this sketch artist included a karate bird, a shadow bird created with hands, a smoking bird and even a middle finger bird in the mix, I’d say this was a good time.

These sketches tell an inspiring story which will always occupy a small space in social media history. If you are an artist, do you save your preliminary designs for the logos you are contracted to design? If so, I hope you’ll take a picture of one of the pages and leave it below in a comment so we can all see it. The creative process is inspiring in every way, and who would have ever guessed this is how the redesigned Twitter bird was born.

The Original & The Redesigned Twitter Birds Together


Concept Sketches For The Redesigned Twitter Bird Logo





Via: [Gizmodo] Images Credit: [Dribble]

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