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Trippy: The Travel Version Of Pinterest

Trippy: The Travel Version Of Pinterest

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I don’t think I have visited one single website these past few weeks that hasn’t had something to say about the new social networking site Pinterest. Diana and I have actually grown quite fond of the site, and it’s addicting in the most interesting of ways. It gives you a way to organize what you like in a way that we have previously only been able to do on our computers. As the site grows in strength and reach, there are of course going to be sites that “borrow” the formula of this successful service. It might not be intentional, or maybe it is, but what these sites have in common is that people seem to like the way they work.

As I was doing research the other day, I found and interesting site called Trippy. I was struck by the many similarities it has with Pinterest, and I felt as if I was somehow missing something. Well, the Trippy site is all about sharing travel tips. You basically help your friends and your accumulated followers plan their next trip, wherever it may lead them. It’s a pretty interesting concept that I think a lot of people are interested in.

Even though I don’t think Trippy will become as popular as Pinterest, I still think this new site, founded in 2011, will be able to attract great numbers of users to get their community going. I don’t even know if comparing the two sites is fair since Pinterest is clearly all about sharing and organizing interesting pictures and videos off of the Internet, and Trippy is all about travel planning through networking (however, I guess you are sharing images as well). But who isn’t struck by the similarities of the sites, right? It’s almost like the founders of Pinterest had a little hand in the making of Trippy. Probably not (I haven’t done my research well enough on this note to leave a sound comment on this), but the sites’ mechanics are strikingly similar.

I urge you to have a look at Trippy though since it is one of those websites that can keep you busy for hours checking out new and cool locations that you will want to visit. It’s probably one of the best travel planning sites out there since it is all user based, and what rings higher than someone’s recommendation of a wonderful location?

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