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The Top Monstrous Slang Insults (Or Are They?)

The Top Monstrous Slang Insults (Or Are They?)

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

One of my favorite hobbies is watching my Twitter stream. I like to engage a lot on Twitter, but sometimes it’s just fun to watch. I send on average about 75 tweets a day. I have to send a lot since I’m in a big contest with @HilzFuld to see who can send 100,000 tweets first. As of the time of writing this, I’ve sent almost 80,000, and he’s only sent 70,000. There was a time, a few months ago, when he was ahead of me. He claims that changing careers and having twins affected his tweeting. Whatever. LOL Just kidding *wink*

Back to the topic here, I saw someone in my Twitter stream call someone else a swamp donkey today. I thought it sounded really cute when I read it. Then, as I watched that conversation, I realized it was meant to be an insult. I had no idea. What is a swamp donkey anyway? It got me thinking about insults. I just posted an article today on my Facebook about how important it is to be nice. I don’t know why we throw insults at each other since they are so hurtful, but quite honestly, when it happens on Twitter, most of the time it makes me giggle.

I found this cute infographic that I thought was fun, and I wanted to share it with you. It claims to list the top monstrous slang words, but I have to disagree. Well, these may be monstrous if the author is under the age of 10 or living in a convent. If you follow over 45,000 people like I do on Twitter, you see a lot more monstrous words than punk and douchebag. I especially like cheapskate though. You can always tell how generous and kind a guy will be when he’s married by watching how he tips when he’s single. If he’s a cheapskate tipper, run for the hills ladies. Opps… Did I just type that? For a more complete list of slang insults, check out Slang Search.

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Big Insults In Social Media

Via: [Smartbrand] Header Image Credit: [Lucky Business / Shutterstock]

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