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Business Social Media Influence And How It Works [Infographic]

Business Social Media Influence And How It Works [Infographic]

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Many people ask me in what way social media can affect the online influence of a business. It’s a complex task to try and answer that question, and it would most likely yield an answer that many people would feel was too complicated to completely understand. The power of pictures and bite-sized facts has been the ultimate way to tell a story for eons. When it comes to business social media influence, I’d probably do best in presenting the information with the help of an infographic.

The fact that 27% of all the time spent online is spent on social media should be a reminder to any brand or company that being present on social media is as vital as being present online altogether. Today 85% of all Internet users have a Facebook account, and as many as 49% have a Twitter account. Now that is something that should be quite a carrot for any and all businesses looking to gain some social media influence and boost their success level.

As likes, retweets and other social media influence metrics become ever more important to businesses and brands, we should also remember that the average number of contacts and fans a social media user has is around 142 for Facebook users and 208 for Twitter users. Imagine what that could do to your business and success if you share good content and information that gets liked, shared or retweeted to all of these people’s friends and fans. It’s an avalanche effect that has taken many businesses to the very top of online and offline success.

Gaining social media influence shouldn’t be considered a tedious task, and it definitely should not be disregarded entirely. The social media influence that you manage to attract and build is as crucial to your business as an Internet connection is to your online browsing. Simply put, today you cannot be without it. Approach this with dedication, and you shall see that your business will benefit greatly from it. Have a look at this infographic called How Social Media Influences Businesses, presented by GO-Gulf, and be sure not to miss out on its effects on a struggling business.

GO-Gulf’s Business Social Media Influence Guide


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July 17th, 2013

interesting infographic, very vivid and informative. I think I’ve realized how important the social media is to the online businesses. cheers


July 22nd, 2013

thanks for sharing the good stuff. looking forward to more updates

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November 7th, 2015

Thanks for sharing the good stuff!

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