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Should You Use Twitter? [Flowchart]

Should You Use Twitter? [Flowchart]

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

How do you know if you should keep using Twitter or just simply close down your account? Leaving it idle is simply not an option (according to some) since a bunch of people have probably already tried to sign up with the exact same username/alias as you have now. You might be thinking that whatever happens, you will always have your Twitter account to keep you company. Well, of course you can keep your account no matter what. It’s Saturday, and I am just pulling your leg in an attempt to be funny. I guess that didn’t work out quite as I had hoped, doh! If you think you are starting to get a little bit too attached to your Twitter account, there are of course ways to determine what you should do.

Simply use this infographic, or flowchart, in order to figure out what you are supposed to do. Are you a Twitteroholic? Maybe you’re a spam/porn bot that just needs a reason to stop bugging other people. Or, maybe you have just simply gotten super tired of the way that Twitter works. Either way, there is a way now to perfectly sort out all those loose ends and send you off on the right path.

This is a flowchart created by the ever so creative FlowTown and designed by Column Five Media, and it simply details the different ways that people use Twitter. Well, it doesn’t really list them out, but if you start at the top beginning with the question Should You Use Twitter? (which is also the title of the flowchart itself), you’ll be able to follow it through and then get your doom delivered to you. It’s a nice way to avoid deciding yourself about whether or not to close down your account, start tweeting a little bit less, or actually GET a Twitter account. It’s not more complicated than that. Period.

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