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Read Tweets On Your Adidas Social Media Sneakers

Read Tweets On Your Adidas Social Media Sneakers

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

What a creative way to read tweets (and send them). As convenient as it is to have our social media at our fingertips on our smartphones, there are certain times when it’s a hassle. For me, those times are usually when I’m outside taking a walk or riding my bike. I don’t tweet when I’m walking anymore since it’s a recipe for a faceplant on the concrete (even with those special apps), and it took me a while to master tweeting while riding my bike. You can read about how to do that on How To: Twitter & Ride Your Bike At The Same Time.

It must be super hard for marathon runner Twitter addicts to keep up with their tweets. Obviously carrying an iPhone and logging into Twitter to read tweets while running is not conducive to a typical long distance runner’s style. Is it during those times when athletes should just be expected to set aside Twitter for later? We want it all, so of course not. We don’t want to be without our Twitter, and neither do some athletes who spend a lot of time outside.

Adidas has come up with a creative solution to this dilemma, and they are hoping that it will be ready so every athlete in the 2016 Olympics can experience it. It’s a pair of Adidas sneakers that stays logged into Twitter and displays tweets on the side of each shoe. Whenever the athlete takes a quick water break or sits down for a moment, he or she can send and read tweets without a smartphone or any other device. Just look at your shoes to see what’s happening.

We’ve written about a lot of gadgets that allow you to read tweets in interesting places. The most bizarre one was probably the Toilet Paper Twitter Printer which prints your tweets while you’re in the loo, but these shoes are definitely the most practical way I’ve seen so far. They have an external LCD display, a custom Twitter polling software and an Arduino unit. They even come with a little remote control. According to Adidas, “It’s the future of athlete connectivity.” You will most likely start seeing these shoes in stores beginning in 2016. You can learn more about them on the Adidas Facebook page.

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