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Photoblocker: Stops Photos At The Club From Getting On Facebook

Photoblocker: Stops Photos At The Club From Getting On Facebook

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people getting slammed because pictures from a night of partying make their way onto Facebook almost instantly as the event is happening. I’ve written before about an app that can delete a drunk night on Facebook, but even with all the creative ways to fix something like that, the bottom line is that we can never really stop someone from posting a picture of us on Twitter or putting it out there on a blog for the world to see. We may be able to use an app to clean up our own social media pages, but not anyone else’s.

There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to the world of social media, and one misstep could come with a hefty price. It’s no surprise really since around 85% of employers look at a potential employee’s social media profiles before making a hiring decision. Also, hunting around in social media to find juicy nuggets is apparently a popular pastime for ex-girlfriends and ex-wives.

So, what does that mean? Do we just sit home every weekend for fear of risking our squeaky clean reputation? No way! The solution is the Photoblocker Beer Cooler. This beer cooler unfortunately is not available in stores (yet). If it was, I’m sure they would sell a ton of them. It was created for an ad campaign for Norte Beer. It has a sensor inside that knows when a flash from a camera goes off, and it instantly creates a huge flash of its own. The original person taking a picture now has a completely ruined picture since your beer cooler flash destroyed it. These have just started being made, and some nightclubs already have them to use as a promotion. It’s the ultimate way to relax knowing that what happens in the club stays in the club.

Stop Tagging In Social Media

Stop Tagging In Social Media

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End Photo Tagging On Facebook

End Photo Tagging On Facebook

Via: [Technabob]

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