Microsoft Search Veteran digging into Twitter…

Twitter has become a huge resource, and not just for telling people what you had for dinner.  Twitter search is pretty much the best way to gage a feeling across the world of what is being talked about.  Maybe its a little geek bias, but the information is flowing freely, news, links, topics and of course hash tags.

Although is a great “google style” live twitter search there is one man who is trying to jump into this mass of information and make it easier to sift through, analysis and use. Yes he’s got Microsoft tattooed on the back of his neck…

So maybe he doesn’t have the tattoo, but Ken Moss who was The former head of Microsoft’s search department, is now looking to use twitter to provide a service that will give people some interesting features like a historical conversation view.  This should let you track a conversation and see how it evolved… Pancakes anyone? goes into beta on Thursday 18th June


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