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Google+ Killer Facts & Statistics [Infographic]

Google+ Killer Facts & Statistics [Infographic]

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Even though Google+ has been out now for a few months, I have still not found the time to get really involved in it. The format is a bit foreign to me, and I can’t seem to focus properly each time I log in. However, I will really try to master the interface and everything that revolves around it, and I think I am getting better and better at it. I try not to crunch out too much content since I am just learning right now, but with all the new friend adds I get all the time, it’s still very intriguing and feels important enough to dedicate time to, so I will definitely be getting more involved with the whole Plus community.

The statistics have been somewhat sparse when it comes to Google+, and when compared to all the statistics being shared about Facebook and Twitter pretty much every day, maybe it’s not such a big deal considering that Google+ has only been available for such a short time and any statistics at this point are not very reliable regarding where this upcoming social networking giant is going from here. The fact is; however, they are gaining a boatload of users each day, and that alone can only be considered as a success.

IdentyMe took on the project of sifting through the limited information available at this time, and they put together a rather interesting infographic based on the various statistics that can be derived from Google+. I am a little saddened to find that the platform is currently only made up of 28% women, which is far less than any other major social networking platform. Maybe it is because, as it looks from this infographic, a large part of the users are engineers, programmers and have various professions that are usually attached to men. I am sure as time passes, we’ll see it even out just fine. Just out of curiosity, if you are a woman and not on Google+, what is your reason for not getting involved at this early stage?

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Killer Facts And Statistics GooglePlus

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